JUDr. Michaela Poremská, Ph.D., LLM

specialist in e-procurement

JUDr. Michaela Poremská, Ph.D., LLM - specialist in e-procurement



    Public Procurement Act allows the use of individual (commercial) certified and uncertified electronic tools.


    Public Procurement Act No. 137/2006 Coll. introduced an electronic method of procurement and thus balanced the electronic and paper public procurement.


    Electronic auctions under the Public Procurement Act means the process for evaluation of offers and not award procedure for the award of public contract.


    A significant difference in the use of the framework agreement or dynamic purchasing system is not being given by the differences in the institutes of the law, but that DPS is strictly an electronic way to shop.


    In awarding small scale public contracts is governed by the principles stated in § 6 PPA. The specific application of the principles in practice can cause a number of questions.


Michaela Poremská


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JUDr. Michaela Poremská, Ph.D., LLM is interested in public procurement from 2006 and from 2009 is awarding public contracts only in electronic way. Between years 2009-2018 she was a teacher at the University. She is an author of specialised articles about e-procurement and books on public procurement, e.g. Veřejné zakázky stručně a prakticky. Dr. Poremská leads trainings about public procurement for public.


In November 2016 we opened the training center with videoconference and rooms to let. There is a private parking. In May 2021 we finished construction of garden and playground for children. The offer of trainings is on www.poremska.cz, Education.


In our videoconference center we offer You rooms to let which You can book per e-mail: judr@poremska.cz or per phone: +420 774033702.
In January 2020 we opened kids pirate world in the videoconference center where Your children may spend time playing or enjoying collection of pirate and other ships. 




Public procurement in the emergency state

See the detailed information about the general exclusion of the Par. 29 letter c) of the PPA No. 134/2016 Coll. at http://www.portal-vz.cz/cs/Aktuality/Nakupovani-rousek,-respiratoru-a-dalsich-prostredku-mimo-ramec-zadavac, and recommendation to extend time limits and extend modification of obligation arising from a public contract at http://www.portal-vz.cz/cs/Aktuality/Doporuceni-k-moznosti-prodluzovani-lhut-pro-podani-nabidek-a-moznosti

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Book E-procurement

Book E-procurementIt was issued in 2013 and provides well-informed and practical reading about electronic acts in public procurement. The book contains commentary on provisions tightly connected with e-public procurement and analysis of key topics (e.g. extension of using electronic tools, electronic signatures in electronic tools, public contracts as cybercrimes etc.).

It contains the CD with a rich supplementary materials.

From one of the reviews: "For less experienced contracting authorities it provides manual of the problematics with a lot of examples and patterns which is not easy to make according to the law or notices so it could help contracting authorities to interpret the law and avoid to breach the law."
Mgr. Pavel Sloup, Mgr. Jarmila Pechátová - lawyers, Department of informatics, Regional Office of the Pilsen Region

You can buy the book HERE.

Book Public contracts - legal fundaments for their awarding

It is an expert´s handbook on Public Procurement Act No. 137/2006 Coll. which provides fundamental information about public procurement - award procedures and awarding of a small-scale public contract including schemes for awarding public contracts or electronic auction.

From one of the reviews: "The book comprehensibly clears up duties of contracting authority, legal provisions and accompanies contracting authority in awarding of public contracts. The text is readable and there are valuable summaries at the end of each chapter and referencies on decisions of the Office for protection of competition or case law. The bold letters alert contracting authority to complicated or inalienable acts and duties in award procedures.

The book is not only for contracting authorities but suppliers and professional public, too."

Ing. Miroslav Jeništa - specialist in public procurement

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Book Public contracts shortly and practically

The aim of this publication is to describe basic steps which were contracting authorities used to do according to the previous Public Procurement Act No. 137/2006 Coll. and convert them to steps according the new Public Procurement Act No. 134/2016 Coll. which is in effect from 1 October 2016. The book is not a commentary but helps to understand the new legal regulation on public procurement. The emphasis is based on electronic award procedures.


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